Free: 1st Physical Assessment + 1st Training Program + 1st Month Follow-up

Sauna + Physical Assessment + Program + Follow-up

1 Day 10€ No mandatory card or insurance
1 Week 25€ No mandatory insurance *
2 Weeks 35€ No mandatory insurance *
Monthly 42€/ month**
Quarterly 111€ total **
Anual 360€ total **
Boxing + Bodybuilding 52€/ month**
Discount for G.N.R. or P.S.P. forces: €37 per month
* Access card fee added 5€
**Annual insurance fee increases in the month of enrolment 10 €
Second copy of the card 5€


PT Packs

Find out about existing Packs via the channels that we have available or the gym staff.


Mandatory use of towel

Changing shoes to enter the bodybuilding floor

It is not allowed to use magnesium powder or talcum powder in the gym

Removing locker locks after leaving the gym

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